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    This forum is for discussing Phenotate, an online service for creating and crowdsourcing disease annotations. You can read more about Phenotate at phenotate.org.

    There is no registration form for this forum. To create posts and replies, please create a Phenotate account (or use your existing one).

    Forum Rules
    (1) Please treat ALL posters with respect and courtesy
    (2) No large pictures in signatures
    (3) No obscenity, piracy, and illegal material
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    (6) Spamming of any type is not allowed
    (7) A three strike system is in effect for any user failing to fully comply with the rules

    First Offense: A warning
    Second Offense: Suspended from the forum for one week
    Third Offense: A permanent ban

    Rules courtesy of HOWTODOIT © Symon Field

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