Phenotate, now with SSL (HTTPS)!

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    Phenotate takes security and privacy seriously. Over a year ago, it started as a crowdsourcing tool for researchers and students to enter phenotypes according to their knowledge of diseases. This usage scenario did not require advanced security on our side. In version 2.0, we have added the ability for users to describe their own (or friend or family member's) experience with a disease. This addition prompted us to reevaluate Phenotate's security requirements. It became clear that SSL support is a must.

    Now, with Let's Encrypt's free SSL certificate service, we have rolled out SSL support throughout our website and app, from the landing page to Phenotate Community. We have updated our URLs to support HTTPS. If you visit one of our websites via an HTTP URL, we will redirect you to HTTPS automatically. In other words, you can connect to Phenotate securely on open networks (e.g. café Wi-Fi) with peace of mind.

    Please be advised that ORDO (Orphanet) does not support SSL as of writing, so if you look up a disease on ORDO, you will be directed to an unsecured website. We hope Orphanet will join the secure web and support SSL soon.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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