Version 2.0 is out!

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    We are pleased to announce the general availability of Phenotate version 2.0. While the last release (1.6) is focused on researcher and course instructor features, this release revamps the user experience for students and the general public by introducing gamification features, including:

    • General account users (e.g. students) can now annotate diseases outside of exercises.
    • Get points and PhenoCash every time you annotate a disease.
    • Annotating featured diseases lets you acquire more points!
    • Compare completed annotations against OMIM/ORDO and expert annotations.
    • See how you rank against other users on the leaderboard.
    • Use PhenoCash to purchase prefilled annotations and annotation slots.

    This release also introduces an improved appearance and numerous bug fixes.

    Lastly, to expand our target users and simplify our in-app terminology, we are renaming student accounts general and professor/researcher accounts expert.

    As always, feedback is helpful for shaping future releases. Enjoy!

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