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    You can compare your submitted annotation against a standard as long as these conditions have been met:

    1. Your annotation has been graded
    2. The score has been released
    3. Your professor has provided a standard against which the annotation can be compared

    The left pane displays your submitted annotation. The right pane displays the standard. The comparator displays annotations similarly to the annotator. Read the annotator section (specifically, “Viewing annotations”) for more information on the user interface.

    Phenotypes are categorized by systems. For each system, a similarity percentage score is shown. The overall score for an annotation is determined by the weighted average of system scores (i.e. weighted by the number of phenotypes in each system). Bonus points are awarded if you have matched the frequency and/or age of onset for the exact same phenotype against the standard. Some bonus points may also be awarded if the frequencies and ages of onset are close enough.

    Note: Even if a comparison is not available, you may be able to view the breakdown of scores by system (e.g. nervous system).

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